About Us

"Nepalese Association of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment in Australia (NEPAFE) was incorporated
by the relevant professionals and experts during a formal workshop held in Sydney on 9 February 2019
to foster scientific exchange and knowledge sharing between Nepal and Australia.
The participants of the workshop decided to register the Association in NSW Department of Fair Trading.
Hence, the constitution of the Association was developed following the template
and requirements for the constitution provided by NSW Fair Trading."

Our Main Objective

• Contribute to scientific research and educational quality enhancement in Nepal
• Conduct scientific meetings and workshops in Australia on pertinent topics related to agriculture, forestry and environmental research & policy issues in Nepal
• Facilitate collaborations between Australian and Nepalese research and academic institutions for higher studies and scholarships, short-term and long-term research partnerships, and exchange visits
• Provide academic and technical advice to interested Nepalese students studying agriculture, forestry, or environmental sciences in Australia.

Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to promote scientific exchange and cooperation between Australia and Nepal for the economic wellbeing and environmental sustainability of the two countries. Its focus will be in assisting Nepal by sharing Australian science and technology in the sustainable management of agriculture, forestry, and natural resources

Why Join the Association?

The Association provides a unique platform for professionals and students in the area of environment, agriculture, forestry and natural resources. There is a growing number of such professionals of Nepalese origin now residing in Australia. An increasing number of Nepalese students also join Australian higher education institutions. Joining the association will thus provide you with a relevant professional network, access to up to date information, and possibilities of collaborative research and development projects formulation in Nepal and Australia.

How to Accomplish Goals ?

Our objectives will be accomplished through the active exchange of knowledge, ideas, technologies, and human resources between Australia and Nepal. To achieve this, NEPAFE will conduct research, capacity building and dissemination activities. The working areas or disciplines of the Association include agriculture (including livestock and fisheries), forestry, water, natural resource management, environment, and allied fields.