Welcome to Nepalese Association of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment in Australia (NEPAFE)

The association was incorporated by the relevant professionals and experts during a formal workshop held in Sydney on 9 February 2019 to foster scientific exchange and knowledge sharing between Nepal and Australia.

Recent Publications

Nepal Agronomy Review Paper

Agricultural Systems Editors’ Picks for World Soil Day 2020

Impacts of COVID-19 on agricultural and food systems worldwide

Impacts of COVID-19 on agricultural and food systems in Nepal

Enhanced efficiency fertilisers: a review of formulation and nutrient release patterns

Policy Papers

What We Do ?

Policy Research

NEPAFE has a team of expert researchers & academics with extensive experience in policy research in agriculture, forestry & environment. We analyse policies on nutrition, sustainable development, environment & conservation.

Organize Events

NEPAFE organises seminars, webinars, workshops and professional networking
events where experts share
their research findings & experiences with other participants. These events are very useful for all participants.

Scientific Publications

Since its inception in 2019, NEPAFE is committed to publish books and other scientific publications in the topics of importance in agriculture, forestry and environment. Experts from all over the world contribute in those books and journal articles.

Other Scholarly Works

NEPAFE intends to collaborate with other organisations and government/non-government/international organisations to conduct research and publish research findings, lobby policy changes and other similar activities.

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The Association provides a unique platform for professionals and students in the area of environment, agriculture, forestry and natural resources. There is a growing number of such professionals of Nepalese origin now residing in Australia. An increasing number of Nepalese students also join Australian higher education institutions. Joining the association will thus provide you with a relevant professional network, access to up to date information, and possibilities of collaborative research and development projects formulation in Nepal and Australia.