Life Members

Life Members

All working age individuals who hold at least an undergraduate degree in Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Natural Resource Management, or in allied disciplines, or have research or professional Masters and PhD degrees in those disciplines, or have at least five years of research and academic work in the working areas or disciplines of the association and paid membership fee for life time (as determined by the executive committee) are considered as the life members of NEPAFE.
Eligible spouse members (having qualification and/or experience in the aforementioned field of expertise) can apply for life time membership by paying the life membership fee (as determined by the executive committee).

Life Members

Dr. Jagadish Timsina (VIC)

Senior Fellow, Global Evergreening Alliance

Dr. Hemant Ojha (NSW)

Associate Professor at University of Canberra. Fellow - Uni Melbourne. Principal Advisor- IFSD Sydney

Dr. Sita Ram Ghimire (ACT)

Research Agronomist, CSIRO

Dr. Tek Maraseni (QLD)

Professor, University of Southern Queensland

Dr. Phul Prasad Subedi (QLD)


Dr. Thakur Bhattarai (QLD)

Senior Scientist (Soil and Carbon) Carbon Link Australia

Dr. Surya Bhattarai (QLD)

Research Fellow at CQ University Australia

Dr. Yakindra Timilsena (VIC)

Food Scientist, CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Werribee

Dr. Basu Dev Regmi

The University of Western Australia

Suraj Poudel (ACT)


Dr. Bishwo Mainali (NSW)

Research Fellow at Macquarie University

Dr. Kedar Adhikari (NSW)

Senior Plant Breeder at University of Sydney

Dr Basundhara Bhattarai

Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion Lead, IFSD - Institute for Study and Development Worldwide

Dr Aneeta Pradhan

University of Western Australia

Dr Damber Shrestha

Department of Health, Western Australia

Dr. Jay Dhungel

Senior Research Fellow, IFSD

Dr. Pankaj Maharjan

Research Scientist, Agriculture Victoria

Dr. Devraj Chalise

Soil Scientist, Mackay Area Productivity Services (MAPS)

Dr. Bandita Mainali

Lecturer, Macquarie University

Dr Prativa Sapkota

Research Fellow, University of Melbourne