Dr. Phul Subedi

(Rokhampton, Queensland)

Dr Phul Prasad Subedi has some 30 years of lab to land research and development experiences with horticultural background in Australia, China, France, New Zealand, Nepal and the United Kingdom, with undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc, PhD) degrees in crop and horticulture disciplines. For the past 16 years he has been involved in R&D projects with tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate horticulture crop industries with particular focus on quality control and supply chain management.

His wider experiences as a researcher, academic and consultant in this field also demonstrates an ability to document and deliver field and industry relevant solutions, using technologies novel to the horticultural industries on a global level. ‚ÄčIn recent years he is working as Senior Researcher in CQUniversity, Australia, with particular research focus on instrumentation and technology training in Near Infrared spectroscopy (NIR) as non-invasive technology to assess maturity, internal quality and defect detection of range of crop commodities.

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